Stop wishing, start doing!.


I have been a prime example over the past few years of doing this over and over again!,

never really getting anything done and procrastinating immensely, its such a hard thing to get out of AND its not going to happen over night.

Because the worst thing you can do in life, is realize how much time you have lost which could have been used wisely. Imagine coming to the end of your life and someone saying to you, if you’d only had tried that little bit harder and watched TV a little less, you would have succeeded with your dream, each moment you procrastinated within your life, took you one step backwards towards fulfilling your wildest dreams. How annoyed would you be?, I know I’d be pretty irritated!.

What suddenly changed my way of thinking? and how can you change your way of thinking too?

it all started with a book, The Alchemist! I had been starting to read a little more due to my schedule clearing up over summer, as university had come to a close until September, I remember thinking yes I have some spare time, then I started to do nothing. All the time I kept thinking this is such a waste of time, I could be doing so much but I have a passion for two things, one is Yoga which is what this channel is based on, the other which I am studying at university is Photography, its my last year coming up in September and I am already on track to get the grade I want, but I felt as though if I didn’t do anything over summer it would be a lot of time wasted in which I could fill with knowledge and possibly help me for the up coming months ahead. The more knowledge the better right?, although I had these thoughts in my head I get caught up doing other tasks that I don’t essentially need to do, oh I’ll repaint my study, oh I’ll just tidy all of my books into alphabetical order including different subjects on different shelves. Yes these silly little tasks I set myself might make me happy but are they realistically going to get me closer to my goals?, no!.

After reading The Alchemist I felt like all my procrastination was suddenly visible, I felt silly for suddenly focusing my whole efforts onto things that did not need to take over my whole life and this is where it all changed. I started to think more realistically about my dreams and where I wanted to be in the next few years, doing nothing to move myself towards those, in turn is going to push my further away from my goals, being another year behind, constantly making excuses … I’ll do it tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and its the same excuse, then before you know it your life has gone and your left wondering what if?.

This is where you start to realise that, you have but one life as far as we are aware. Don’t spend your life wishing, spend it doing.

Although it sounds so much easier than it is, it really is easy once you start thinking in a different way. Challenge yourself as soon as that little, I’ll do it later voice comes into your head, shout back at it, “No, I’ll do it now.”

  • Make it your priority to do things towards your goals
  • Make a to do list, break it down into long term and short term goals and tick them off as you go.
  • Learn!, I cannot stress this one enough, pick up books and make your brain work!. Excuses are not actions, you’ll never achieve what you set out to if you let yourself down.
  • Keep working at your goals and put them within reach!. Don’t spend your life wondering.

Last but not least go out there and show the world what you are made of!



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