How to correctly do cobra pose!

When you begin your yoga journey its difficult to know if your doing things correctly, often you come into a pose and just hang there, not knowing if your doing it right.

Don’t worry!, we have all been in that situation in one way or another.


Also don’t get confused with upward dog, these two poses are different. Cobra the legs stay on the ground lifting up with the heart center and upward dog the legs engage and lift off the floor along with the hips. In the picture above, this is cobra pose.

At the beginning of your practice you might not be as open as above, this it completely okay!. Everyone starts at different levels, there’s no rush to the finish line. These things take time, allow your body the time to open before going deeper!.

Start by laying face down on the floor, with your arms stretched out in front, like super man. Then pull your hands down the mat until they are under your shoulders, lead with your boobs! (your heart) and start to rise up into cobra, the tops of your feet should be pushing into the ground and to protect your back suck in the lower belly, as though you were tensing your abs.

The shoulders stay down and the shoulder blades push together to keep your chest open. Keep a bend in the elbows to begin but make sure your elbows are hugging into your sides and as your body opens and becomes more flexible this make take weeks or months, but don’t let that discourage you!, when you start to feel more open you can increase the height, decreasing the bend within your elbows until eventually your arms are straight, once your here and only once your here! you can then turn the hands slightly outwards to increase the depth of your cobra.

If you feel any tingling, pain or electric feeling activity in the body, come out of the pose. You should be able to take long deep breaths where you are, if the breath is restricted, you’ve gone to deep into the pose and your body isn’t ready for that depth quite yet. You should feel a stretch but nothing painful.

Remember to protect yourself now! and save from future injuries.

Namaste! follow for more tips and help within yoga!.


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