The first time I REALLY meditated

The first time I really meditated, I didn’t plan it and it wasn’t something that I tend to normal do, but today my senses told me that I need a moment of calm, a breif second from busy life just to focus on my breath. I decided that I could do just 10minutes and that it wasn’t too much for me to ask just to sit still for a few minutes out of 24 hours within a day, 10 minutes is nothing, but if however you know me, you’ll know exactly how difficult it is for me to just sit still without thinking about the list of jobs that I’ve made myself or without thinking there’s so many more things I could be doing!, but here’s why it’s vitally important to just take a few minutes to rekindle at the end of a long day, YOU NEED IT!, it’s as simple as that!, your body and mind need to understand and process everything no matter if it’s been a hectic day or just another mundane work day, you often need just a few vitally important minutes to separate your thoughts and concentrate on how your breath flows, the slight movements within your chest rising and falling as your breath encapsulates your body, the rasping noise of the breath enveloping your nostrils as it travels through your body to your lungs, filling your entire being with energy and relaxation.

My meditative experience today was a great one, one which has  eagerred me to bring this harmony of breath into my life once more, I didn’t feel holy and in connection with god like so many before me have experienced, I did however feel relaxation and my woes just drifted off me like the rain off an open umbrella, running away without a second thought in which direction they left, sure I have experienced this sensation in  savasana many times, but never have I felt such calm and tranquility in which I truly believed I could be asending straight to heaven, it felt like I can imagine all the great guru’s feel when seated in their prayerful meditated states and I cannot wait to feel this again.

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