Sun salutations

Here’s a quick video to show you how to do sun salutations, there is 3 different types of sun salutations, A,B & C this is Sun salutation C, I’ve chosen to do this variation as I personally enjoy the stretch in my thighs with lunge pose.

Yoga is for anybody, now I’m not going to tell you to whip out your yoga mat and your latest yoga clothes, because if you’re just starting your unlikely to have these. So instead if that’s the case, grab a towel, or a rug, or just yourself! and wear what ever you’d like, because to me yoga isn’t about looking perfect, or having the newest things, yoga is about being there in the moment and exploring how these movements make you relax, or how they effect your body.

I’m not going to tell you that the first time you try yoga it will change your life, what I will instead tell you that, its not about being able to do the fanciest of poses and about suddenly realizing your the next Gandhi, yoga to me is about having that few moments of time to myself, concentrating on my breathing and what my feet are doing, because often they refuse to work together!, it’s about finding that moment of peace, or the moment of clarity, or just about learning something new, to me its releasing all the stress that’s been brought up during the day and letting that all go when I move my body.

Yoga to me is about the moment of calm in a thousand moments of chaos. But yoga might have a different feeling for you and that’s okay!.

You can use this as a warm up and preform it several times to warm up your muscles, or use the sequence to take a moment of calm by spending longer in each pose, taking long deep breaths.

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