Day 3

Day 3
As morning rose I was already jumping to get ready to start the day ahead, I gobbled down breakfast as fast as I could and waited patently at reception for our guide to show, when she arrived she greeted with a warm “Bon dia” and once again my a smile crept across my face, every second so far of this trip I’ve enjoyed and I was hopeful that today was going to be another one to remember, we set off in the jeeps to find the look out, Flilipe who guides our boats when we are out at sea to beautiful dolphins and whales, we spoke with him for a while and saw just how difficult his job was, spotting something so small, from miles away. As we looked through his binoculars we spotted the calfs we saw yesterday jumping and flipping in the water, we have to be the luckiest people alive, not only have we seen them playing once we’ve seen them twice and it’s a behaviour the marine biologists on the island have never seen before!!. We left the look out for our next location, as we drive the sides of the roads are filled with beautiful flowers which grow due to the great soil from the active volcano on the island, it’s a sight which is both beautiful and unseen by my eyes in my lifetime. We arrive at our destination where we find the active volcanic energy in the form of boiling hot water pools, filled with water hot enough to kill you if you were unfortunate to fall in, the smell is strong and salty due the sulphur, a traditional food is cooked within the pools, although I couldn’t try it due to it mainly being meat. We walked around and soaked in the strong aroma, not one that I’d wish to smell again might I add and then from the corner of my eye I spot an abandoned building and my inner explorer kicks in, along with my photographic eye, there’s something quite interesting about buildings that have just been left to dilapidated I spent some time photographing this old but beautiful building and before I knew it, it was time to move on the drive up winding roads were intoxicating and filled my heart with joy, looking at the beauty of this island in full bloom is truly magical. We park up and begin our walk and as we do a single man is herding four cows down the street with a giant stick, I’m not quite sure how to react other than pure shock it’s not something you see everyday, but my attention is taken away by the beautiful houses painted various different colours, one is bright yellow with white window cills another a shade of pink, each one as colourful as the next!. We wander the winding streets of this small yet beautiful town and out of no where a small building appears, with the words “Piscinas tĂ©rmicas” or thermal pools, little bits of heaven in a small village, pools heated by the volcano which are full of iron, we all sit and enjoy the lushest pools, which feel like a hot bath, caressing your skin. We leave again after a short drive we reach a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere filled with locals and sit down to a beautiful lunch, there’s crusty bread, local cheese and wine as red as a fire truck, its delicious and we all finish our lunch with a smile which might just never leave our faces, sao Miguel is a beautiful place filled with many wonders, each one as unique as the gorgeous sea life and flowers that habit the waters and grounds of this spectacular place. We have a few more stops before it’s time to go back to our hotel, the next on our list is a green tea plantation another wonder that Azores is famous for, we walk around the walking factory and see the complete process from start to finish, from the beautiful rows and rows of tea growing outside to the drying and chopping of the leafs , at the end of our tour we drink the tea which is grown on the islands and it’s almost as wonderful as the wonderful island itself, another trip is two the very tip of one of the islands vantage points which looks across the vast ocean with views at almost every corner, it’s like a breath of fresh air to see something this nice, as we leave some steps catch my eye and I scream with joy “KITTENS” 5 of the most stunning little things you have ever seen in your entire life, can this trip really get much better?, we all get back into the jeeps with joy in our hearts, from the love this island has already given us, then we reach a national park, as we enter it’s like something out of Jurassic park, vegetation at every angle, the sound of waterfalls in the far distance and we turn a corner to be greeted by a rush of water cascading down the volcanic rocks which make up the island, more thermal pools, although these are a lot busier than the others, we stop here only for a short time but enough to capture the heart of the place, which will be ever embedded into my heart and soul, our final trip was up the mountain to the very top where we over looked into the crater with green hillside surrounding either side of the water below, another wonder of this magic place. It was time to go back to the hotel, all very happy and content from the beautiful island trip we went to dinner filled with excitement and a growing love for a place that’s shown us just what it’s like to experience true beauty.

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