Day 2

Day 2 started with another early rise, greeted by the morning sun hitting the water and reflecting far and wide, we had breakfast and made our way to the marina, only a short stroll from our hotel, to start our day on the water. The breeze blew through my hair and my smile amplified across my face, wondering what beauty awaited us today, as we skipped across the waves a radio called in the background and we began our journey into the unknown, it was not wasted!, two baby sperm whales and a mother!, the babies were playing together, flipping their tails into the air and moving across the water majestically, our guide informed us that in the many years Tera azule (the company we have made connections with) have NEVER seen this type of behaviour and we, on our second trip our caught a glimpse of something truly spectacular. We spent sometime keeping our distance and tracking the whales and then the most breathtaking experience happened, they swam straight under our boat, the goosebumps travelled down my skin as I let out floods of tears; I have never in my life expected to see a whale, let alone 2 babies and the sight of a 16foot long whale traveling under our boat, it took my breath away and I’m not sure I’ll ever get that back!. We then spotted bottled noses dolphins, they were feeding and exploring the vast ocean around us, herding fish into massive colonies which we could see through the water, on this beautiful day the water almost looked like ice, not a wave or ripple in site!, everything perfectly clear!. We tracked the dolphins for a while and everything started to get very emotional for me again as the dolphins began swimming at the front of the boat along with us, being inquisitive and playing with the younger smaller babies, after watching them for a while it was time to go back to shore and eat lunch, we sat as a brilliant team, I might add, and spoke about how in owe we all are, never before have the trackers seen whales behaving like this and we saw two beautiful sperm whales babies and witnessed a whale swim right beneath the boat something that even as writing this gives me tingles, oh and not to mention dolphins swimming with us!. As we returned to the sea for our second trip of the day, we saw all sorts of beautiful marine life!, which all took my breath away, risso dolphins, the common dolphins, the stripped dolphins, the finned whales and of course sea turtles and Portuguese man of war, not to mention the sperm whales in our first trip and bottle nosed dolphins!, I feel truly blessed to have seen so much in such a short space of time ❤ and we still have 4 days left in the beautiful island of Azores

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