Azores day 1

Day one – the morning started off slowly, awaking at quarter to 7 the sunlight hitting our room, the light soaking through the gaps under our hotel curtains, the kind you wouldn’t have in your home due to the lack of darkness, I awoke with a feeling of gratitude for the day ahead, picking out the clothing I needed I showered and then strolled down to breakfast with a spring in my step for the morning plans, I toasted some seeded local home made bread and covered it with a choice I wouldn’t normally go for, marmalade!. Our meeting was at 9am sharp as we strolled down the beautiful cobbled streets of Sao Miguel, ready to meet our host who greeted us with a big smile, she gave us life jackets and talked us through some of the migratory species that we might see on our trip, as we started to sit into the boat I feel myself getting nervous and excited!, what will we see?, will we see anything at all?. We gently pull out of the dock where we are greeted with the dark blue currents of the Azorian waters, crystal clear views of the ocean and the island in which we departed from, I wonder about the marine life we might encounter and suddenly the boat takes off at tremendous speed, racing ahead to the waters of the deep. I hear constant chatters of radios and Portuguese speaking men communicating in the back of the boat, and suddenly I hear “WHALE!!” The word at first scares me, and I turn to see a pointed finger of Emma in the front of the boat, instantly my mood changes and I feel joyful, the tears start to run down my face, my thoughts are “is this real?, am I dreaming?” I pinch myself and jolt into reality! It’s a real life sperm whale!! Never in my entire life did I think I would be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean photographing sperm whales! I thought maybe I’d see dolphins but never a whale!, we spend roughly an hour following this beautiful creature from a distance as not to disturb it, it seems to dance spending 4minute intervals at the surface then driving into the depths below, blowing water 10ft into the air as it breathes through its blowhole, I hear chatter again as the whale disappears into the deep for the last time. There’s a pod of bottle nosed dolphins been spotted! And we race to join them and watch the beautiful mammals, on the way we come across a turtle! Floating on the water at first I wonder if it’s alive and then it sticks its head out of the ocean and dives quickly under hiding from its admires. We shoot quickly across the glacy blue water and see bottle nosed dolphins jumping and playing in the water, it was like something out of a movie, I could just watch them forever, on our way we unfortunately found sea pollution but I am please to say our guides did an amazing job of clearing it out of the water, finding a fishing tray, a heavy duty garden bag and plastic bags, bring our attention more to the protect of our waters and wildlife around us. We then see the common dolphin dancing and flipping through the air, there’s something so humbling about seeing these beautiful animals in their own habitat, that we so desperately need to protect!.
After our trip we attended a talk where we learnt a lot about dolphin evolution, it was both fascinating and engaging to learn about such magnificent creatures.

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  1. Wow, sounds amazing!!


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