How to grow lemons, from shop bought lemons!

Lemons are a slow growing plant, so this is a project for patient people or those with a little spare time on their hands.

Why would you want to grow your own lemons?

There’s so many reasons!

  • Lemons have so many health benefits! they help to restore the bodies nature pH balance- Which helps your skin to be more elastic and youthful, it helps for a more restful sleep, reduces the risk of contracting colds, headaches and flu, its great for the digestion and increases mental alertness!.
  • They are rich in Vitamin C – Which prevents scurvy, treats the common cold, believed to cure cataracts and reduce the risk of cancer and increases mood.
  • Cleanses the bowel and liver!
  • Has antibacterial properties – believed to kill the bacteria of malaria, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases.


So now you know the benefits are you ready to start planting your own lemon trees?

Its pretty straight forward, buy a lemon from a shop – I just bought a normal lemon is doesn’t have to be organic but it probably will help.

Next cut the lemon in half and harvest as many seeds as you can, careful not to cut any of the seeds when cutting the lemon. Dry your seeds for a few days on a window ledge, now the next part you will need either a paper towel or a piece of tissue, as the seeds will be slimy despite being dried. You’ll need to peel the seed as the bark on the outside of the seed will take forever to grown if you don’t do this part, or it might not grow at all. You are looking for a brown/ green seed once you’ve found this after carefully peeling the outer pit of the seed, you are ready to plant!.

Pot the seeds into organic soil and water when the soil starts to become dry to the touch, then wait! I planted mine 2 weeks ago and they’ve just started to sprout

Photo 31-05-2017, 15 56 11

I’ll do an update once they’re a little bigger but for now…

Happy planting!!

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