How to remove negative people

Sometimes we go through life where we find ourselves questioning the intentions of people and sometimes our gut feelings can be wrong, however most of the time they are right. When it comes to emotions and understanding of intentions in due time they all become apparent, we start to notice the shift in reactions within different situations and people act when around others.

We have all been in these situations and in my personal experience staying away from these people and trying to distance yourself from them starts to do wonders on your life.

When you ignore them or simply do not go out of your way to interact with them, it feels as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, a burden of negativity that you are no longer carrying. I urge you to take steps towards a healthy negative free life, spend time in the presence of those who inspire and light your life with joy, happiness and excitement.

Steps towards a happier negative free life:

Send that person love, now I know how silly this may sound but we do not know what that person is experiencing, may it be jealousy, anger, hate or abuse within their life, sometimes its hard to know exactly what they’re experiencing however they may be passing it onto you as they are unable to deal with the pain. Sending them love, whether it be just wishing them well theoretically or physically will not only make them stop and question their intent but it will also allow you to feel at peace with the situation. Stopping the continuation of hate in its tracks.

Stop reacting: In no means do I mean this if it is physical violence if that is the case please get help!, from family, friends, loved ones or the police.

If its mild however, reacting is often what the negative person wants, if you stop reacting it stops being fun; thus becoming boring to the offender. Sometimes others thrive off another persons misfortune and that is something that’s quite sad and twisted however whats most important are those around you who support you in your time of need and remember that it isn’t you that has the issues its the person who’s throwing them at you.

Block them: Whether this be mentally, or through social network sometimes you have no other option than to remove all elements of your social platforms from their view, give them no option than to move on.

Just a quick post today


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  1. Great read! This reminds be of the Buddha quote (I’m not religious, just something I picked up on Pinterest) ”Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.


    1. Thank you!, I really appreciate it!.I love that quote, I really do think it is important to let go of things that we cannot control, it frees us from the burden and allows us to go about life without carrying these great weights. There should be some more interesting content coming soon 🙂
      Thank you again

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely, take control of what you can i.e. your situation and if not that, your perspective. Great, I’ll be sure to tune in!


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