Ignite your life with plants

My life has always been filled with a mountain of plants and nature, since a young age I remember my mother growing a plethora of different vegetables and fruit in our garden, she had a poly tunnel that was 8ft long, where she filled our life’s with fresh produce and flowers.

Since my early childhood I have always been fascinated with growing my own food, watching them develop from seed into beautiful flourishing plants and I always have up to about a year and half ago, where I moved into a bustling city apartment. The light almost drained out of me, when I realised I could no longer grow food I so wished I could, along with the lack of outdoor space the poor natural sunlight made it impossible to keep plants, or even to start growing them at all.

But there is light at the end of the gloomy tunnel!, just recently me and my partner decided that we had out grown our city flat and decided to move into a beautiful new home, with outdoor space!. Now the space isn’t massive but it gives me the opportunity to move back towards my early childhood pleasures of growing my own food and flowers and nothing could make me happier!, the sunlight gives me that much needed vitamin D and the sanity of peace which can be lost when living in a busy city, well if you are like me, coming from a small village where everyone is pleasant and friendly.

Here’s a few of my growing collection which no doubt will be much bigger as my plant clippings start to flourish!.


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