Fill your life with joy!


Over the past few years I’ve started to take a look at the things that surround my life, that may come in the from of people, situations, items, decor, animals, nature the list goes on!. I have become extremely picky over the things or people, that I wish to surround myself with, because I feel life is far too short to have things around you, that you can tolerate. It may come as a surprise when I tell you to get rid of the items that no longer spark joy or excitement into your life, now I understand that this statement is some what broad but I really do mean in all aspects of life, does this laptop or computer serve its purpose ? or does it merely hinder your life.

When reviewing these elements in every step of your life, you can take huge leaps into leading a more positive and happy lifestyle.

When de-cluttering, something which is in bedded into me since a very young age. You can free yourself from items which no longer bring joy into your life, do this little exercise below to review if your home base, a place where you spend a lot of time! gives you the energy and positivity to spark happiness into your life.

Step one, look around you do you see items of decor which bring happiness into your life? if not bin them, sell them or donate them! now I do not mean get rid of everything within your home, things that are practical or that make life easier can also bring happiness, imagine throwing away your vacuum and spending days sweeping your carpet just because you don’t like its appearance, now that would not bring joy into your life. I am simply saying items that are in your home, acknowledge why they bring happiness to you, is it because of its functionality or its stylish design?

Work towards filling your home with things that bring you joy, then and only then can you start to do the same with your life, maybe a job that you hate or people that bring negativity into your life.


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