film look3To Yoga with Emma Lou!.

A little history

Emma founder of  Yoga with Emma Lou started off her yoga journey many years ago, wishing to become more flexible and I little calmer while leading her busy life style. Emma found peace within her practice which spurred her to help those around her struggling with their states of minds and personal fitness goals.

Emma Has knowledge in nutrition, Pilates , mental health and also has an accredited yoga teacher diploma.

What do we have to offer?

Emma offers 1 to 1 classes which can be altered to fit your personal needs, whether that be mental health issues, flexibility goals or grounding. Emma will create a personalised plan to suit your own personal needs, to work on your strengths and weaknesses.

Emma is also in the process of developing different diet meal plans to suit vegan, vegetarian and carnivore lifestyles to work along side Emma’s yoga sessions, these can be used as a guide along with regular exercise to help towards your future weight and health goals.

   Photo 04-05-2017, 08 37 39

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