How to ground

shadow experiment7

What does grounding mean?, maybe you have heard the term used and you are not quite sure what it means.

Grounding : it means to focus on the present moment and not concern yourself with the past or future.

Have you ever had one of those moments where your brain just goes into panic?, maybe life’s troubles starts to pile up and you just can’t see an end in site. Maybe you struggle with panic attacks, anxiety or just worry too much . Then try this simple little exercise which can be done anywhere!.

  1. Connect in with your senses and find 5 things around your environment, if your in the dark (in bed) just imagine watching petals fall off a beautiful cherry blossom tree and blow in the wind. Find items that are colourful and bright. Focus on calming colours such as white, orange, blue and green.
  2. Now find 4 items that are soft that you can feel focus on the textures and how they feel to the touch, are they cold? warm? indifferent?. Are they far away? do you have an emotional connection to them or are they just beautiful things that are in front of you?. Concentrate on the emotions that they bring to you and try to accept them.
  3. Find 3 things that you can hear, birds singing?, music?, the fridge making that little noise or just the sound of your breath, breathing slowly in and out. Really home in on all the different noises and try to isolate each individual sound which is happening in your environment.
  4. 2 things that you can smell clothing, does it smell like fresh washing powder?, is there a smell of coffee in the air?. Maybe freshly cut grass?. Think about the objects which they connect to and link them to our last step..
  5. 1 thing you can taste this could be a related taste to the things you could smell in the previous step or just the taste of food or drink that you might just have eaten to drunk.


The main thing to remember is that the situation you are currently in is only temporary, these feelings will pass and its important no matter how difficult it is and trust me I know! we have all been in this position, no matter how difficult it is. There is always a solution! it will always get better. If this little exercise doesn’t work, try talking to someone, you can even message me!. Another thing that works for me is being outside in the countryside, among nature listening to the birds, watching the trees sway in the wind, smelling the flowers.

I hope this helps at least one person out there



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